BMQvT_zqKE9hOvmiMHKM3zlWGSzlIZMPGgBKFW9jlCYNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Jasmati is 17 years old and she is currently studying in grade 12. She is enrolled in the intermediate science track at school and her specialization is in biology.  She has lots of hobbies like likes to spend her free time being active and creative. She is a talented dancer, enjoys traveling, and loves to make arts and crafts.  She recently performed a dance at Pragya Paristhan Bhawan City Hall for a college welcome and farewell program, and is currently teaching two Nepali dances to her younger sisters at Khushi Ghar for the upcoming Tihar festival to the songs “Jaalma” “Bhanma Phoolya Phool.” Her and her friends have a tradition of making each other homemade greeting cards, which Jasmati loves to make, give and receive, and arranges for display on the wall of her room.  She is also very helpful at Khushi Ghar, and takes responsibility as an older student for helping to clean and cook. In school, she enjoys learning about the human body, as well as plants. She recently learned about roots and stems, and did an experiment on osmosis by using an egg membrane, which she found interested and practical. She also recently dissected a frog and earthworm in class, and found she was talented in this as well, receiving praises from her teacher and goods marks in her related exams.  She took her first term exams and is awaiting her results, which will come after a couple of weeks. She struggled with the chemistry section, but feels confident about the rest of the subjects – biology, physics, English and Nepali. She also enjoys learning about history, culture, people, and tradition. Next year, after the completion of grade 12, she plans to begin her Bachelors in Public Health. She would like to work in NGOs, so that she can incorporate her love for science, people and creative work, and provide support to those in need.


Jasmati 2 V2BIRTHDAY: April 1st

PERSONAL HISTORY: When Jasmati was five years old her mother died of tuberculosis. Her father is visually impaired and unable to care for her, so she was placed in Balmandir Orphanage when she was 6 years old. Jasmati has an older sister named Ganga who was able to care for herself when her mother died. Ganga now lives in Katmandu and Jasmati visits her occasionally. During the Dashain holiday Jasmati visits her father in her village of birth.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? “Jasmati” means “flower” in Nepalese, and she is a beautiful, smart, and sweet girl who loves to basketball, dance, and sing. Her life ambition is to become an eye doctor, which she calls a “most important service for her people”. As an optometrist she would like to be able to help her father, who suffers from vision problems. Her “plan B” is to become an architect so that she can design houses. Jasmati consistently ranks on the top of her class. Her favorite colors are black and white.

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