Group Home

12031366_965895030124472_5615398083790315225_oIn March 2010, HCC opened a group home in Kathmandu to house students in the  Signature Program that have completed grade 10 and are attending college or technical school.  Khushi Ghar, which means “Happy Home” in Nepali, can house up to 14 students and is also home to two house “parents” that act as guardians and mentors.

Signature Program students who are below grade 10 and attend boarding school regularly spend time at Khushi Ghar during holidays and weekends. As such, Khushi Ghar plays an important role for the students as a stable and nurturing home base and provides the experience of family and home life. At Khushi Ghar, the students receive  mentorship and leadership courses, participate in community service projects, have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities (including music lessons, sports, dance, and art), get individual academic/career/emotional counseling, and participate in family fun and celebrations. Additionally, at Khushi Ghar, students take an active part in cooking, cleaning, shopping and caring for the home, learning valuable life skills that promote responsible, self-reliant and successful futures.

HCC also provides separate boys and girls apartments for university students that are a short walk away from the group home.